Sensitivity vs Reality


Maybe it's winter mood, or Christmas coming, or just me changing a lot... But when looking around, I see so many things that I would not like to see. The more I try to sort out my internal world, the more clearly I see certain phenomena in the external world, that I find difficult to accept. Sensitivity and empathy further intensify this phenomenon, and I feel that it is increasingly difficult for me to find serenity or people who speak the same language. Because although the world is full of wonderful people with beautiful hearts, usually those who have the least to say shout the loudest ... And the only thing that comes to my mind is "Wake up!".

I see indifference, callousness, lack of kindness towards people. Egoism, unhealthy rivalry, jealousy, pursuit of power and money, no self-reflection. I see violence, ignorance, thoughtlessness, lack of compassion for other beings. I see people blaming others for their own misfortunes, I see animal abuse, the livestock industry and many other things that are so common that most people don't see anything wrong about them. And at the top of it all, alcohol and other drugs that help people cope with this 'normal' reality.

Not criticism, but actions change the world

I see hatred, I see making fun of those who have the courage to show their true self. Who are not afraid to act, express their thoughts, who have a goal, want to bring something into this world. It is easy to criticize others while doing nothing yourself to build up the remains of your ego. Because people who criticize a lot most often tremble at the thought of revealing a piece of themselves, because they are afraid of what they might find there. So they prefer to point out the slightest mistakes to others, because it gives them a sense of superiority ... Meanwhile, it's not criticism, but initiative and courage that bring value to this world and should be appreciated.

There is more of us

And I know, I know that I am not alone in this worldview. I know that many of you have similar feelings, and that doesn't mean that we don't belong to this world. It does not mean that we are better or worse than others. Each of us is at a different stage of the journey and in his own way tries to lead the life that is possible with the current situation and state of consciousness. Some people are quite far on the path of personal development, and some will not even think about it in this life. None of us are also fundamentally bad, just our painful experiences, especially those related to childhood, sometimes "force" us to develop certain coping mechanisms. Many of them are helpful and effective at the moment, but in the long run they are not very healthy. For both us and the environment, leading to all sorts of irresponsible behavior.

Responsibility for our own life

I deliberately used the word 'irresponsible' here because difficult experiences do not exempt us from taking responsibility for ourselves, including for our own happiness. That's why I love reminding, that even if we are not the authors of our wounds, we are responsible for the healing. And no, it's not about being perfect, because none of us is. Each of us is guilty of something, each of us keeps making mistakes. But the beautiful thing is that when we become aware of what we did wrong yesterday, we have a chance to change it today. Let's not be afraid to admit that we're changing. That our worldview evolves, that today we would behave in a completely different way than we did a week ago. And this is not a sign of inconsistency, but of development.

Keep going

The most important thing is to keep looking, even if people around do not keep up with your progress. To become a better version of yourself every day, more mature than yesterday and the day before yesterday. Truer, free, authentic, kind for yourself and for others. To try, do your best although it does not always lead directly to achieving the goal. Because, as you probably know, the most important thing in this life is the journey, not the destination. We don't have to please or save the whole world, but if we help one person, that's a lot. We can't change the whole world either, but we can set a good example and start with ourselves.

And let's appreciate. These little things that happen to us every day and which we pass by indifferently. Someone's smile, a selfless gesture, a warm ray of sunshine on our face. Gratitude, understanding and cordiality are things that effectively illuminate difficult reality, so it's worth remembering about them. Ultimately - what else is left to us ... 💜

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  1. Wspaniale napisane. Na pewno są ludzie o pięknych duszach. I warto szukać takich osób na swojej życiowej drodze. Jednak kultura w jakiej żyjemy dyskryminuje od początku te najbardziej wrażliwe jednostki. A promowane szlachetne wartości służą do zachowania pozorów i uspokojenia sumienia. Najczęściej przy okazji świąt. Kierunek w jakim świat podąża nie napawa optymizmem. Ludzie z chęcią przyjmują system, który jest okrutny, bo niesie ze sobą sobą korzyści dla tych silniejszych jednostek dla których te przyziemne rzeczy są najistotniejsze. No cóż tak jest i tyle. Najważniejsze to akceptacja samego siebie i swojego miejsca na Ziemi:)

    1. Cześć Mati, dziękuję za ten komentarz. Zwrócę tylko uwagę na jedno sformułowanie którego użyłeś, mianowicie „silniejsze jednostki”. Nie uważam żeby mniej wrażliwi ludzi byli silniejsi od tych bardziej wrażliwych. No i warto pamiętać o tym co powiedział kiedyś Gandhi, czyli „bądź zmianą, którą chcesz widzieć w świecie”. Sama świadomość potrzeby zmian na świecie jest oczywiście niezbędna i jest punktem wyjścia, ale to dopiero działanie może się przyczynić do jakiejkolwiek poprawy. Pozdrawiam ciepło.

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